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Catching Up

Race season is in full swing so just thought I would give you guys a little up date on everything.

- Best in the Desert: Finished 11th at Parker 250 and will be heading back out west Mar 22nd for Laughlin. Made some modifications to the car, thanks to Shandy Kittleson's fab work my spare tire is now protected and my front bumper can be used as a bumper. George with Double E Racing is hooking up my suspension. Maybe I won't rip a hole in the oil pan with my new skid plates. Thanks to GBC Tires and their sponsorship I when down in size to hopefully gain power in the top end. U952 is looking good.

- TexPlex: Round 1 went ok. First time I really raced the CanAm and I am happy with the fact I was able to finish both heats. Round 2 is this weekend and we will see how it goes.

- TORCS: Round 1 was a 3rd place finish. Made the bad move of switching out my suspension and ended up breaking my sway control half way through. Kept her on four wheels for the most part though. Round 2 is coming up and looking forward to getting back to some woods racing.

See you guys out there.

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