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Parker 250 Race

What a weekend. Cannot thank #dirtmafiadesignz and #602fab enough for everything they did to get the car ready.

#demonpowersports hit it out of the park with their axels no problems the full 250 on the same axels.

#mymedic stocked us up on our required first aid supplies

#ruggedradios kept is in communication with #evolitionpowersports who supported me in the pits and then some. They went above and beyond for us and I could not have finished the race in 5th place without them.

#prpseats kept us rocking in comfy suspension seats

#trinity_racing gave my car a boost with their tune and exhaust.

#racelinewheels and #bfgtires kept my car rolling all day with no issues

and last but most of all Jonny for navigating in the co-dawg seat you saw through the dusty track and had us chasing down cars. We were in 3rd place until our break. We got fixed again thanks to #evolutionpowersports and came out of the pits in 5th. We were closing in to make position changes we just ran out of time.

Not a bad start to the 2022 season.

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