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The Boys of South Texas

Man after this weekends #TORCS race you cannot say the guys that come out and race the UTV classes are not all heart. Waking up Saturday morning the conditions were perfect for racing, but we had to wait our turn. There were still a few dirt bike classes yet to go. Mother Nature had other cards in her poker hand though. The rain started coming and it did not stop. But these guys gave it their all on Sunday.


The Hammered Hitz Racing team was out in force. Greg was in the Pro class, Michael in the Turbo class and Jason and Megan in the N/A class. It was a battle in the mud for sure. Not just with each other but between the cars and the mud. Those of us who have yet to complete the radiator relocation kits have learned our lesson as cars were over heating left and right.


Greg got a slow start which was probably good to prevent a bad pile up at the very muddy first turn off the start line, but by the time the first lap was coming to a close he was right on Terry's tail chasing down that first place position. Greg worked hard for those 4 laps with an average lap time of 10:45 until the last lap when his car wanted to fight him back for working her so hard in those conditions but he still held on to a second place podium win.

Donovan and Mickey tried hard to close the gap. Donovan ran into trouble on the first lap with a roll over but was able to get back on the course and kept her going, Hayden who is typically right out front had some issues as well, normally we just have the trees to dodge, however this time the mud mixed with tree dodging made it a bid harder for him.

The Pro Class results turned out as follows:

1st Place: Terry Deck

2nd Place: Greg Harbour

3rd Place: Donovan Willis

4th Place: Mickey Schroeder

5th Place: Hayden Huff


The Turbo class guys had trouble all day. Cars were over heating and nursing their way just trying to finish. But Michael and his co-driver Jordan looked like they were just having fun as they passed by. Who said you couldn’t get a little mud facial why you race.

The Turbo results are as follows:

1st Place: Michael Harbour

2nd Place: Mike Kowis

3rd Place: Philip Waggoner


The Non-Turbo class was a battle to the end as well. Jason held back coming off the line as well as he didn't want to get caught up if there was a pile up in the mud. So with an 7th place start off the line he fought his was to 3rd place about mid way through the first lap. He worked hard to hold on to 3rd place as Shane was trying to stay on Jason's tail. Jason over heating on the last lap allowed for the opportunity Shane was looking for to slide into 3rd place causing Jason to fall back into 4th. Had Hobbs and McAlexander been able to complete all four laps the results in this class could look completely different though.

The results for the N/A class are:

1st: Matt Dodson

2nd: Dwight Childs

3rd: Shane Sandoval

4th: Jason George

5th: Graig Smith

6th: Aaron McAlexander

7th: Davey Kroll

8th: Kaden Hobbs



We would like to thank #torcs for putting on a great event and for #diamondwillow for hosting us. Thank you to Terry for laying out a great course.

We also could not have done it without our sponsors:

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Michael Harbour
Michael Harbour
25 maj 2021

Great write up and fun race!

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